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As I Am Coils & Curls Pre Pack

As I Am Coils & Curls Pre Pack

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Natural-textured hair requires deep hydration and the right styling products to provide great coil and curl definition. Each formula was carefully developed to truly nurture your hair, assist you in achieving the style you desire and to crown it with a superbly rich shine.

Coconut cowash: A light no-suds moisturizing conditioning cream that gently removes residue from hair and scalp. It contains a special blend of natural ingredients that helps to promote hair growth from the follicular level.

Leave-in conditioner: Provides a great foundation for natural styling. Your finished style will be softer, shinier and manageable. It contains a strengthening agent, plus natural ingredients that help to promote hair growth.

Hydration Elation intensive conditioner: A deep-down conditioning treatment that moisturizes well within the hair shaft, smoothes cuticles, and strengthens weakened areas. Promotes shiny, soft, spring coils and curls. Infused with pure herbal ingredients that stimulate the scalp and hair roots, helping to support health hair growth.

Curling jelly coil and curl definer: For hi-definition coils and curls, with buoyancy and vibrancy. Designed for wash n' go styling.

Twist defining cream: For shiny, smooth twists and twist-outs. Contains nurturing natural oils, plus a natural extract that provides the ultimate in moisturization. There's even a wondrous natural compound blended in that works to block DHT and stimulate healthy hair growth.

DoubleButter cream: A rich emollient blend graced with the finest array of natural butters and organic oils. It's a wonderful daily moisturizer for dull, dry hair.


  • Coconut cowash 3 oz
  • Leave-in conditioner 3 oz
  • Hydration Elation intensive conditioner 3 oz
  • Curling jelly coil and curl definer 3 oz
  • Twist defining cream 3 oz
  • DoubleButter cream 3 oz